Earn 100k Hanging Christmas Lights this Year

Christmas Light Installation is a business opportunity for anyone that is interested in making money fast. Whether you’re looking for some extra money for Christmas gifts, a new job, a way to get out of debt or just a chance to own your own business, this kit is for you.

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are in life or what your financial or educational Background is; this business kit can be your fast-track to financial freedom. I constantly receive emails from satisfied readers about how this business kit has helped start a successful Christmas Light Installation business or even help them increase revenue year after year.

I think it’s a great fit for any of these people:

  • Seasonal business owners (Construction workers, framers, painters, landscapers, pool cleaners, window cleaners etc.)
  • People with no prior business knowledge
  • Aspiring small business owners
  • College and University graduates
  • High school students
  • Fund-raisers for community groups and sports teams

As you already know, this is a seasonal business, so you have the opportunity to make quite a bit of money in a short period of time. That leaves you with the rest of the year to live how you choose. I usually take four months off to travel and then run a landscaping business in the summer. You, however, can do whatever you want!

This is a great business for many reasons. I believe that Holiday lighting will not only help you earn the amount of money you need to live a healthy lifestyle, but will give you the independence to and the self confidence to do anything in life that you put your mind to.

I am living proof that the information contained in these pages works. It is tried, tested, and holds true. The ideas in this business kit will not make you a millionaire overnight. Chances are, it will never make you a millionaire. What it can do, however, is help you obtain a comfortable lifestyle with the freedom and confidence to live your life as you choose.

These are the aspects of the job that makes it so interesting in the first place:

  • It’s a simple, structured business model that is easy to follow
  • It’s one of the fastest growing service industries in Canada and the United States
  • It’s an easy-to-follow system
  • It’s an opportunity that’s available now with minimal start up costs

For more information on starting a Christmas lighting business, visit:
Christmas Light Installation Website by Clicking Here!

Will You Put in 2 Hours Work to Make $400 Cash?

I spoke about this before, but this has got to be the easiest and quickest way I know to make money in today’s economy. I’ll earn more in 2 hours than many people make in an entire week of working for the man!

Take a look at the video below, I paid $75 for this entire set (the sofa and the love seat).

It’s in like-new condition and it’s name brand (Bassett Furniture), which will actually help me sell it quicker and for more profit.  Now, let me explain how I make money!

I saw this sofa listed on Craigslist for sale in the furniture section. I saw that it was still up for sale a week after she posted it. So, I e-mailed her and asked if she’d take $75 for it. Most of the time when I make low-ball offers like that, I generally don’t get a response back (or sometimes they’ll ask if I’m smoking ‘crack’). Anyhow, I didn’t hear back from her for a few days until today when she replied back and said she’d take the $75 and she also included her cell #.

I called her up and told her I could come pick it up right now (I didn’t want anyone else to get that so time was of the essence). I was at her house 35 minutes later and her son helped me load it in the truck.

I had a 35 minute drive back (I forgot to mention I put $10 in gas in the truck on the way there and picked up some chips and a lemonade for a total of $13.00).

I pulled out my cell phone and made the video clip you saw above and uploaded the file to my Vimeo acount, then I added it to my yardsale website, and then I posted it on the furniture section of Craigslist for $395.00.

All in all, I had about 2-hours tied in this entire project AND this set will be gone by this time next week to the tune of $395.00.

Heck, if it took a month to sell, I still make money. If someone offered me $250 cash today, I’d sell it… In this business, as long as you buy right, you’ll NEVER lose money.

On Friday, I finally sold the chairs below for $180.00 (I had about $50 bucks tied in it…)

I sold the gumball machines as a set for $270.00 and I only had $100.00 tied in those as well:

And on yesterday, I sold this victorian antique rocking chair for $180 buckaroos (I’ll admit, I got stuck with this for about 4 months — but, I only paid $35 for the darn thing — the stock market won’t yield you a return that quick)

Funny thing is I sold all of this stuff right out of my garage. I didn’t have to meet anyone at a location. I didn’t have to wait for them to show up. It didn’t cost me anything to post my stuff on Craigslist. If you did this full time, you could easily net $40,000 – $80,000 per year quite easily.

This stuff works and you can be making money by this time tomorrow… If you’d like to learn more about getting into this business, check out my “Flipping Furniture for Profit Course” by going here!

Make Your Own Website This Weekend

You’re in luck…I’ve just put together a crash course that’ll allow you to build your own fully functional website, and have it up and running before the end of the weekend.

My name is Cartess Ross and over the last 12 years I’ve built thousands of websites for small businesses. Some of the websites I built were as little as $300.00 and as high as $18,000.00.

If you’re wanting to build a site that’ll sell your products and services, then I’m the guy who can help you. My clients have sold tens of millions of dollars worth of products and services directly from their website and in this course, I’ll teach you how to do the same thing…

Take a look at some of the modules I have listed below… This is a quick-start program and I’ll be adding a ton more modules to the site for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So if you’re ready to get started, scroll down below and leave only your first name and e-mail address and I’ll e-mail you a link to the backend of my website so you can get started right away on building your own website! You’ll only receive e-mail from me as it relates to building your website. Your information will not be shared or sold to any outside party.

Get FREE & Instant Access to the Website Weekend Course

Make Your Own Online Video Commercials to Convert and Close More Sales on Your Website

If you haven’t considered the use of mini commercials on your website, then you’re missing out big time. I’ve managed to use all sorts of online video to generate leads & prospects, showcase products and services, and I’ve even used video to educate prospects so I could get them to fork over $3K, $5K and even $18K. This all being possible because of ‘video commercials’.

The Internet allows you to go directly to the public, and it allows you to put forth your best pitch directly to people who are most interested in what you have for sale. For example, someone is on Google right now searching for a way to fix their dentures. Either their tooth popped out while enjoying dinner with friends and family; perhaps their dentures cracked after accidentally stepping on them. Right now, they’re likely typing these phrases into Google’s search bar:

  • how to fix my dentures
  • i broke my dentures
  • fix my dentures
  • denture repair kit
  • or even denture repair

After doing their search, this person will likely end up on a couple of websites and based on what they find, they may or may not buy a product. However, we’ve found that a video commercial we put together for a denture supply lab dramatically increased the number of ‘denture repair kits’ sold. So much more, they ended up hiring a 24-hour call center to process their orders, while they simply focused on fulfillment.

See the video in action  (i added this to my vimeo account so  you could see)

The website that offers a solution for this person’s problem will get the sale… And this website commercial has helped close the sale for many of the prospects that visit their website. In fact, the video on this website works for our client 24/7. Whether it’s 12 noon, or 3 a.m. in the morning, this website commercial works non-stop to get the sale.

Crafting Your Own Website Video Commercial

In order to have a successful web video commercial, you’ll need a plan. There’s a lot more to creating these types of videos than simply creating 30 second spots. The primary thing you’ll need to know is your market. Understanding and knowing the things that keep your prospects up late at night will allow you to craft a message that speaks directly to their concerns/issues.

Be very clear when identifying your audience. Remember, your ad can’t appeal to everyone. For example, a video ad for denture wearers wanting whiter and brighter teeth (dentures), will likely have a different voice than one targeting young adults looking for whiter and brighter teeth.. While the ad may detail the same ‘benefits’, the different audiences will require different approaches. Know who you’re crafting your message to before doing anything else.

Once you’ve figured out your audience, it’s time to write the advertising script and begin the video production process. Many so-called experts will tell you that your video needs to be short, simple and straight to the point. But it’s being my experience that you shouldn’t spend too much time debating how short your video should be. Your concern should be in making sure you provide all the relevant information that’s needed for a client to make an informed decision.

Some of my personal videos go up to 40 minutes long… and it’s necessary when I’m trying to sell them on a service that will cost them $3,500.00. Don’t focus so much on the idea of keeping your videos short.Rather, focus on the quality of the content. Ensure they’re getting all the informtion they need to make an informed decision. While you only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention, it’s important you grab it almost immediately. If you miss that window, your video commercials will be ineffective because no one will watch them all the way to see what you’re getting at.

Using Pictures to Help Tell the Story in Your Video Commercial

Ideally, you’ll want to use relevant images that readily convey your message. If you’re needing to convey that your dog training service will solve problems faced by new puppy owners, an image showing a dog tearing a pillow apart will quickly convey that potential prospect’s problem. Following up with an image of the dog in a well behaved manner after introducing your service leaves your prospects with the impression your service will solve their frustrations.

Promoting Your Video Ad Commercial

There are a ton of video ad networks that’ll place your web video commercial onto websites that target your desired demographic. These networks have thousands of publishers they work with on a regular basis, but of course, there are certain guidelines you’ll have to follow. That’s why I personally prefer to find websites where my target audience hangs out at and contact those websites directly to find more about their advertising packages. If they offer advertising, I’ll generally create an appropriate ad, which will be placed on their website (or announced in their weekly/monthly newsletter), and when someone clicks on the ad, they’re routed to a landing page so my content and video talks directly to their problems, fears or concerns…

This approach has allowed some of my website properties to earn over $100,000.00 per year without me having to talk or convince prospects to buy anything. The video and the content did all the selling for me. But in order to get your video to close the deal, you MUST know and understand your audience.

Not Your Typical Website Commercial

Some may not consider the video below as a commercial, but I’ll let you in on this little secret… This video (and I have another one under a different channel on youtube that’s gotten me over 250,000 views and thousands of subscribers). Anyhow, this is a 9 minute commercial… Instead of outright selling my product, I’m educating my prospects on how they can start their own t-shirt business with this machine. I address some of the most common questions in this video, while at the same time, directing them over to my site where they can purchase a $97 course:

I started getting tons more questions about my process I had to create additional videos to address those… These video commercials, or infomercials, are vastly responsible for closing most of the sales that occur on that website.

I made the following for a local home inspector…. He wrote the script and used his own voice and I made the video. This video allowed him to educate his prospects about the home inspection process. This video was placed on his website (this is the test video I have posted below)

So… if you haven’t considered using ‘commercials’ or ‘infomercials on your website to help convert more sales, I think you should look into doing it. It works and it’s an additional tool that’ll work in conjunction with your website!

If you found this post helpful, feel free to leave a comment, or click the “Like” button below. If you’re interested in my team creating a ‘web commercial video ad‘ for you, feel free to contact me!

Text Message Marketing Gives You Unprecedented Access to Your Customers and Prospects

Is your business having a slow day? Instead of sending your employees home early, blast out  a text message with a special offer good for that day only and sales will be coming through your door in under an hour…

There are over 276 million wireless subscribers in the U.S., that’s 89% of the total U.S. population. This year, text messages sent out in the U.S. alone could top 160 trillion.

With text message marketing, or commonly called, mobile marketing, you now have unprecedented access to your customers. No other advertising media allows you to get to your customers RIGHT NOW… DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY.

Text message marketing allows you this access and in the video presentation below, I’ll reveal how your business can easily get access to this market 15 minutes from!

Try Mobile Text Message Marketing for FREE

Leave your name and e-mail address below and I’ll e-mail you a promo code so you can try our system out totally FREE and unrestricted..

  • NO credit card and NO payment required to try it
  • ZERO set up fee
  • NO contract, cancel anytime
  • Works on all major U.S. Carriers

In just a few minutes from now, you can have your campaign set up and running in seconds. In addition to your first free month, I’ll even throw in 1500 FREE Text Message Credits to ensure you test our system out to the fullest…

Please note: I hate and despise spam as much as much as you do. When you opt-in, your information will not be sold, rented or shared to anyone else.

Leave only your first name and e-mail address below:

Get Your First Real Estate Investment Property in 30 Days or Less With No Banks, Credit or Cash!

We did our first live broadcast today with real estate investing expert Jackie Wilson… Aside from the audio being muted the first 4 minutes, he managed to share some valuable advice about how people can get into the real estate investing game. Not only that, he shares with you how you can acquire your first investment property in as little as 30 days… For those of you looking to purchase their first home, and if credit and money has kept you from doing that, then this video interview is for you too!

(I cut out the first 4 minutes of silence, you didn’t miss anything, it was simply an intro)

If you’re interested in Jackie Wilson’s real estate investing program, check out his website, Real Estate Startup Coach!

If you have a topic you’d like to discuss on Cartess Ross Uncensored, send us an e-mail about your idea and lets see if we can get you in on the show!

My name is Cartess Ross and Working for the Man SUCKS. I’ve made it my life’s mission to teach and educate anyone about the tactics and strategies available to those who want freedom from “The Man”. Visit us online to find out how to make money online!

Start Flipping Used Furniture for CASH & Profit With Your Own Online Yard Sale Store Today

I have a surprisingly easy way to make quick money starting today. This takes a little bit of time, with a little bit of effort and a couple bucks and you can be making money with this venture starting today… Literally. This is no get rich type quick scheme and you will have to do some work… Now if you’re lazy and enjoy working for “THE MAN”, then this video or website isn’t for you, check out the video below:

Get Part 2 of “Flipping Furniture for Profit”

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Working for the Man Sucks! In Fact, He’s In Trouble Himself, and That Could Spell Trouble for YOU!

We are in a state of emergency folks and some of you need to change what you’re doing TODAY! Depending on your job to provide for your family is absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE! Watch and share this urgent video with your family and friends… Because where we’re headed could be the end of the Middle Class FOREVER!

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Cash in at Local Auctions Today!

I can’t believe more people don’t participate in auctions. There is so much money to be made there and the deals are just unbelievable. I encourage you to attend just one of these events and you’ll be changed forever. Auctions are happening everyday and one is likely happening within a 20-30 minute drive from you right now… And I’m not talking about car auctions! Watch the video to find out how you can attend these things for free today and be making money by the end of the week!

Checkout the Video I shot at a local Auction:

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Your skills & talents = CASHFLOW

This is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to start making money online and it has to do with packaging up your skills and talents into a membership website where others pay you for what you know!

Here is a link to some of the websites I spoke about in the video:

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